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LFM – EpicAdvice.com Team Leader

If you're a regular to EpicAdvice.com, you've probably notice we're a bit behind on actually updating the site and keeping the code current. I'll be completely honest, neither Gnarf nor I have actually been playing WoW for the last few months and have been devoting all of our time to building the engine that powers EpicAdvice.com and R2-Db.com. EpicAdvice.com unfortunately has been the one getting the brunt of our neglect and we haven't been performing regular updates. R2-Db.com is where we've been devoting all of our time and effort, as our entire circle of friends is planning on migrating to Star Wars: The Old Republic.

We've decided that we want to find someone, a passionate WoW player and a visionary person, to take the reigns of EpicAdvice.com from us. Our lack of interest in the game has slowed our momentum down significantly! EpicAdvice.com deserves better than what we're giving it, so we are looking out into the community to help spread the word and get some conversations started with potential candidates.

Our team still plans on building and maintaining the engine that powers EpicAdvice.com and we plan on still retaining partial ownership of the site. We're improving the engine daily, adding new features and improving performance significantly as the days go by. If your interested in the newest features, I'd invite you to look at our R2-Db.com News page, it has the latest news and updates applied to the engine and our other site, R2-Db.com.

Down to the crux of the matter, we need someone with the following qualifications:

  • Passionate WoW Player, with incredible game knowledge and dedication to WoW's future.
  • Well organized and able to create documents explaining desired functionality they envision for EpicAdvice.com.
  • A visionary capable of dreaming up new features and ideas for the site.
  • A teacher who wishes to help new players and veterans alike, find the answers to their questions.
  • An organizer who would be willing to build his/her own team of moderators, assistants and possibly designers/artists.
  • Someone to yell at us when we aren't fixing bugs on EpicAdvice.com or implementing your new feature requests :)

If you think that sums you up, and you'd be interested in running this site, you should open a dialog with us. Send us an email to team@epicadvice.com, we can start a conversation and see if you are the right match. EpicAdvice.com has been one of our sites for quite sometime now, we're looking for a great individual to step in and take the reigns.

One last bit, in terms of the status of this position. EpicAdvice.com isn't really generating any revenue right now, it's paying for it's hosting costs essentially. However, that isn't to say in the future the site couldn't generate more traffic and more revenue. We would be happy to arrange some sort of revenue sharing agreement with this individual, for taking on this burden. I don't have any solid numbers or idea of what's possible, but with the right promotions, engagement and management of this site, it could make a few bucks.

It's a wild and crazy proposal, but we feel EpicAdvice.com deserves a crew that actually manages the content, promotes the site and helps people learn about World of Warcraft. Email us at team@epicadvice.com with any questions or comments!


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