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LFM – EpicAdvice.com Team Leader

If you're a regular to EpicAdvice.com, you've probably notice we're a bit behind on actually updating the site and keeping the code current. I'll be completely honest, neither Gnarf nor I have actually been playing WoW for the last few months and have been devoting all of our time to building the engine that powers EpicAdvice.com and R2-Db.com. EpicAdvice.com unfortunately has been the one getting the brunt of our neglect and we haven't been performing regular updates. R2-Db.com is where we've been devoting all of our time and effort, as our entire circle of friends is planning on migrating to Star Wars: The Old Republic.

We've decided that we want to find someone, a passionate WoW player and a visionary person, to take the reigns of EpicAdvice.com from us. Our lack of interest in the game has slowed our momentum down significantly! EpicAdvice.com deserves better than what we're giving it, so we are looking out into the community to help spread the word and get some conversations started with potential candidates.

Our team still plans on building and maintaining the engine that powers EpicAdvice.com and we plan on still retaining partial ownership of the site. We're improving the engine daily, adding new features and improving performance significantly as the days go by. If your interested in the newest features, I'd invite you to look at our R2-Db.com News page, it has the latest news and updates applied to the engine and our other site, R2-Db.com.

Down to the crux of the matter, we need someone with the following qualifications:

  • Passionate WoW Player, with incredible game knowledge and dedication to WoW's future.
  • Well organized and able to create documents explaining desired functionality they envision for EpicAdvice.com.
  • A visionary capable of dreaming up new features and ideas for the site.
  • A teacher who wishes to help new players and veterans alike, find the answers to their questions.
  • An organizer who would be willing to build his/her own team of moderators, assistants and possibly designers/artists.
  • Someone to yell at us when we aren't fixing bugs on EpicAdvice.com or implementing your new feature requests :)

If you think that sums you up, and you'd be interested in running this site, you should open a dialog with us. Send us an email to team@epicadvice.com, we can start a conversation and see if you are the right match. EpicAdvice.com has been one of our sites for quite sometime now, we're looking for a great individual to step in and take the reigns.

One last bit, in terms of the status of this position. EpicAdvice.com isn't really generating any revenue right now, it's paying for it's hosting costs essentially. However, that isn't to say in the future the site couldn't generate more traffic and more revenue. We would be happy to arrange some sort of revenue sharing agreement with this individual, for taking on this burden. I don't have any solid numbers or idea of what's possible, but with the right promotions, engagement and management of this site, it could make a few bucks.

It's a wild and crazy proposal, but we feel EpicAdvice.com deserves a crew that actually manages the content, promotes the site and helps people learn about World of Warcraft. Email us at team@epicadvice.com with any questions or comments!



Been a while, eh?

It's been quite a while since we've visited and blogged about EpicAdvice, I wanted to take a moment to bring everyone up to speed again.

EpicAdvice.com has been neglected for a while now, lack of promotions, updates, moderation and more importantly, lack of communication. We apologize for the that, but it's been a long hard road re-designing the site from the ground up, and re-thinking every facet of its development. I'm happy to say we've hit some groundbreaking milestones in the past few months that are going to allow us to move forward, with the community, instead of us sitting back in the shadows developing new code.

Onto what's new, what we're doing, the future ideas and what we need!

Whats New?

Obviously, there's a lot new coming into EpicAdvice as we roll out our new features. Here's a quick list of the new stuff we've pushed live:

  • New Engine - We're powered on our own tech, which we've dubbed EpicDb for the time being. EpicDb is built upon the Zend Framework using PHP 5.3. Our entire storage engine is now also powered by MongoDB. We're storing images in the AWS cloud and are making use of a lot of new and advanced technologies to help speed up the site and bring features to life.
  • Following Tags - As a user of EpicAdvice.com, you can now follow/unfollow or block/unblock anything in our database. Have a friend on EpicAdvice? Visit their profile and follow them. Play a warrior and have a mage alt? Visit the warrior tag and the mage tag and follow them! You like enchanting? Feel free to follow the enchanting tag! You can also re-visit them and un-follow the tag if you feel it's not your cup of tea. You can search for any topic in the search bar at the top of the page.
  • Blocking Tags - Do you absolutely not care about something or someone? Do you not want to see anything of theirs on your dashboard(read below)? You now have the option to block anything on the website. However, let me warn you, blocking currently is only implemented on the dashboard, and blocking always wins. If you are following someone that posts something about a topic you've blocked, you won't see their post. Blocking is the last resort option for "I don't want to see anything about this"... (ie. during the cataclysm beta test, if you didn't want to see any spoilers, you could of blocked the 'cataclysm' tag to hide everything cataclysm related).
  • The "Dashboard" - Got a better name? Let us know ;) Currently the dashboard is a place you can go to find news, questions, and discussion based on the tags you are following (read above). We are designing it to be very much like a twitter feed or an RSS feed. It's a place that you can visit to find all the up-to-date activity that is occurring on EpicAdvice.com and all over the web!
  • New Login Options - Along with all the traditional login methods we've supported in the past (OpenID), we now are pleased to announce that you can login with your facebook/twitter accounts as well! Currently, the only thing that happens when you log in with one of those ID's is it identifies who you are, and creates a profile for you. We don't do any of that automatic tweeting stuff or try to publish anything to your facebook wall. If we did, we'd ask, but we don't!
  • Tag Wiki's - Currently, only admins can edit them, but every tag on the site has a "wiki" page associated to it so we can describe what that tag is about. If you'd like to actively be involved in the editing and creation of wiki pages, let us know ;)

What we're Doing?

Our feature list is like 3 miles long right now, but here's a sneak peak at what our immediate development ideas are:

  • First and foremost, we will be doing bug fixes to what currently is active.
  • Adding interactive tooltips to every tag on the website, that will allow you to easily find information, follow or block a tag on the fly.
  • Expanding "Profiles" into a more socially-oriented area, we want you to be able to send each other messages, ask each other questions and form groups with people you associate with.
  • Expanding our "tags" into more robust records, including general information and media about that tag.

Future Ideas...

  • Achievements / Badges aren't in the system anymore. Reputation is, but the existing badges are on hold. We have historic records of all the badges you've all earned, but we still need to expand upon the achievement system we have in place. It wasn't ready, so we didn't include it.
  • Guild Profiles - Want to participate on EA as a guild? We will have some cool integrations for guilds to work together to ask and answer questions!

What we need!

We're a 2 man team, we've done a lot ourselves, but we may need a hand :)

  • A Designer - We've never claimed to be designers, I believe we said that like during the first week or two of the original EpicAdvice launch. But we do want a designer that we can work with. You can see our sites pretty plain now, with some boxes, shadows and very little color. That's where we need someone to come in with their magical box of crayons! We need someone that knows HTML/CSS inside and out, loves WoW, is good with Photoshop to work with us. We can't offer you any pay, but we may have some perks lined up in the future for you and will work with you on whatever you demands are.

I'm sure I missed a few things, actually I probably missed a lot. This was a total re-write, my brain hurts about trying to think of the differences between the two sites. It's apples and oranges now, and we hope you like oranges. Feel free to sound off in the comments, or as always, you can email us at team@epicadvice.com.

Thanks everyone!


Cataclysm Question Contest

With the lifting of the NDA on World of Warcraft: Cataclysm and the closed beta underway, what a better time to run a contest and get some questions answered! With that being said, tomorrow marks the first day of our new contest, the Cataclysm Question Contest.

This is the first event of this kind that we have ever attempted, so please bear with us as we work out the kinks. We've dumped almost a hundred hours into brainstorming, coordination with vendors and setting up all the contest pages and widgets, with much more work still left to be done! The contest premise is simple; ask or answer questions on EpicAdvice.com for a chance to win some goodies!

We have 2 different contest formats running simultaneously; Weekly Random Giveaways & Prizes for the best contributors. The details for these two different contest types can be found on our prizes page, as well as a scoreboard for contributors. The contests will all Officially begin at 4pm CST on Friday July 9th, 2010. We will include all historical questions involving Cataclysm as well for the first week. Just be sure to tag your questions with the "Cataclysm" tag when asking! Answers on questions tagged Cataclysm will automatically be entered.

So what can you do to win? Just participate! Are you in the beta and have the scoop on a specific class? Be sure to answer those questions! Not in the beta and are well-read in the subject by the forums? You've got a great shot too!

We want to thank everyone involved for making this possible, including all of our community members. EpicAdvice has really shined over the past months since launch, this is just one of the methods we are planning on to reward those who are committed!


EpicAdvisor = Twitter.com + EpicAdvice.com

One of the things we've been trying to do here at EpicAdvice.com is make asking and answering questions as easy as possible. In one of our recent discussions, we decided we needed to find ways for users to ask World of Warcraft questions on the fly, no matter where or what they are doing, bringing our newest creation, EpicAdvisor.

EpicAdvisor is an application we've developed to monitor messages sent to it, essentially acting as a window into our site. The first task we set out for our Advisor to accomplish is twitter integration, and its taking its first steps already.

Our first goal with its twitter integration was simple: Allow people using twitter to ask the Advisor questions, in-turn, advisor "re-asking" them on EpicAdvice.com. So how do you do it? Well its pretty simple... if you wanted to ask "What zone can I level skinning from 100-125?" you would tweet the following:

@EpicAdvisor - What zone can I level skinning from 100-125?

The Advisor will grab the question, and enter it into our Queue. EpicAdvisor is not fully automated (yet), so we manually review the questions to ensure their quality, and then convert them into questions. We don't want people spamming our site, so the manual review process may be here for a bit.

Now, things we are working on and things we want to do with EpicAdvisor...

#1 - When the question is reviewed and converted into a question, EpicAdvisor will mention your name in the tweet about the question, showing you the link to your question on your twitter page. So if I asked a question with my personal twitter (Jesta187), the question when fed back into twitter would have "@Jesta187" in the tweet, ensuring I was up-to-date on the questions status.

#2 - Then, every time the question receives a new answer, it can also notify you as well! We will add an "unsubscribe" option incase it gets too spammy or people just wanted to ask a single question.

#3 - We also would like to figure out more ways that you can issue commands to the bot, the possibilities are endless...

So while the Advisor is still in its infancy, enjoy it, test it, and let us know if you have any problems just by tweeting to @EpicAdvice, commenting here or email us here.

Sound off!


EpicPlan on the way back, EpicAdvice drama…

EpicDNS Fail...

Well, the last blog post said we'd be back fully running this month, and we've been working really hard, just not on any code...

We relocated one of our servers to Linode.com (the one running EpicPlan.com and the blog) almost 2 weeks ago now, and apparently all of our DNS wasn't transferring over properly, so you may have not been able to access EpicPlan.com. The DNS records are all correct as of today and should be telling the rest of the internet where to find us in the next 48hrs or sooner. So EpicPlan will be back up soon!


As for the updates on EpicAdvice, we've been tossing ideas around, but a lot of our focus right now is directed at one topic: The StackExchange 2.0 Change (Which I will refer to as SE 2.0 through this post). It's tossed a lot of our plans into the air, as we are not exactly sure how it will impact EpicAdvice. Just keep in mind, we will do whatever is best for the community, to continue to provide EPIC answers to your questions, and keep this community growing.

Basically what's happening is FogCreek, the makers of the software we are using to power EpicAdvice.com, is changing their business model to one that doesn't mesh too well with our current plans for EpicAdvice. They are calling it SE 2.0 and are no longer going to offer a "you pay for the service and start your own site", everything is being converted into a new social format and financially backed by Venture Capitalists.

The new process is very democratic... Users propose a topic they'd like to see a site opened about (ie World of Warcraft), the community starts gathering supporters and moderators, a "beta" site will be launched to monitor performance of the topic, and then FogCreek will launch and pay for a site on that topic as long as its successful. It's a great idea on paper and great for people who want to try to establish a community for those topics, except the fact that FogCreek will own all of the sites at that point (well, technically the community will, but FogCreek will be the ones calling the shots), pushing the entrepreneurs and developers (like Gnarf and I) out of the equation.

I mean, its a good change for the StackExchange community, its just bad for those of us that have spend thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours of programming developing on their platform. This change will allow FogCreek to monetize the StackExchange sites (like EpicAdvice.com) and continue to pay the developers of the software, making it better for everyone running these sites. We just wouldn't be as heavily involved anymore if we convert our site to a SE 2.0 site, nor would we be the ones developing the brand/product. However, we have some choices, and don't HAVE to migrate to SE 2.0.

Don't worry, this isn't an imminent change! EpicAdvice.com will remain as it is for atleast 1 full year from now.

EpicAdvice.com generates enough traffic that FogCreek simply isn't going to turn us off and restart, they are giving us 1-year of free hosting on their StackExchange platform, without changes. We are very thankful to them for this, and after that year, no one knows what will happen (not even them). They could shut it off, take over the site and implement a community management scheme, develop a new site or just send us our data and tell us to move elsewhere. There's so many possible outcomes, no one knows exactly what is going on.

This is the fork in the road that we are contemplating now, we have a few options which we are still discussing. I figured I would take a moment and briefly explain what exactly is going on in our heads, what we've though of and what we are considering doing.

Here are the options that we can see so far....

1) Migrate EpicAdvice.com into the SE 2.0 Infrastructure...

The most obvious path choice is just to migrate EA into their new democratic process. In my mind, this is the "I give up" or "sell-out" move, as we would be relinquishing all control of EpicAdvice to the "Community" that already exists and FogCreek's staff would support them. This process isn't set in stone, and we have no idea what they'd do as far as establishing "moderators" and contributors to the site. Most likely all of our customizations would cease to exist (item-linking, character linking, profiles, factions, etc) and the new moderators wouldn't have as much of an idea on what should or shouldn't be asked... between Gnarf and I, you'd be hard pressed to find 2 other developers that know World of Warcraft as well as we do. It's up in the air as to what would happen, as no one knows, but we'd rather not go this route.

There's also a possibility that we -may- be able to recoup some of our loses(time + money) going this route, but we'd still come out in the negative most likely. For those of you that hang out with us in IRC, you know we sit and pound on code/improvements for EpicAdvice like its our job. Gnarf and I also moderate and edit lots of posts daily, making sure the quality of questions/answers on the site is up-to-par with gramar, tags, and punctuation. It would be a rough transition, but it could turn out alright, I'm not saying it's going to be a horrible process, its just the main concern from us as developers is that we don't want to lose the last 7 months of work we put into the site for nothing... EpicAdvice is our brain-child right now and we don't want to just let it go... (we'd also like to think that you guys appreciate the work were doing!)

2) Migrate EpicAdvice.com into another Open-Source platform...

We've found some pretty good other Q&A engines out there, like Shapado and OSQA. These platforms look very, very similar to what we have now, but both of them are missing some pretty key features that we would need to implement and keep it running just like it is now... I won't bore you with the details of the other systems, but suffice to say, they are close to StackExchange, but not quite there yet. Most likely migrating to a new system would involve loss of some of our content, perhaps some of our "Google" power (ie showing up in search results) and probably cause a LOT of headaches with users not transferring over... the whole process seems like SUCH a headache.

Migrating to another platform however would be a permanant solution, once we moved to a new platform (an open-source one), we probably would never have to move again, and we could contribute development time towards that platform as well. Sounds pretty good, but as I will explain a bit in the next section, it would cut a lot of development time out of EpicPlan and our other side projects.

3) Migrate EpicAdvice.com into a completely new system of our own design...

Pretty self explanatory... but the problem is... it would take soooo much time and money to get a system like this off the ground. We were trying to devote a lot of time to EpicPlan.com until this came up, and if we went with this option, development on EpicPlan.com would essentially stop for a while. That isn't too appealing of an option, as we see a lot of potential in EpicPlan, just like EpicAdvice. EpicAdvice up until now was the easy site to run and develop for, because everything we did was all "Ease of Use" and "Improvement" features, as opposed to "Core Features" that are required for the site to run.

However, if we could possibly go this route, we could expand into a LOT of features that people were asking for. The StackExchange platform had some limitations that wouldn't let us customize and do some of the things that you provided as feedback, like changing the badges to achievements, theming them to "Epic/Rare/etc" and integrations of a lot more game-themed things.

So in conclusion...

We've done a lot of thinking, and got a lot of thinking to do, what we want to do, the direction of the site, and how much of a workload we can handle to accomplish all of this. EpicAdvice has been growing leaps and bounds and our community is flourishing, serving over 2,000 unique people a day, and we want to keep it that way. Whatever direction we choose in the end will be what we consider the best for the community and the site itself. World of Warcraft needs a powerful Q&A site like this to help guide people to the proper answers to those tough questions!  Special thanks to all of those out there that have supported us this far, we'd have given up by now if the community wasn't so great, and we will try to keep you in the loop on what kind of decisions we are making in the future.

Sound off in the comments if you have any input or ideas ;)


On the Epic-Front, all is Quiet…

We posted a header message with essentially the same thoughts as here, but I just wanted to take a bit to put up a blog post and let you know what's going on in the inner-workings of our lil' team.

Not many changes have happened over the past months, February/March has been a few crazy months for our team. We've been busy working on a few projects that actually make money as well as our full-time jobs. So we haven't really had a chance to assemble and crank out some quality code for our tiny network of WoW advice. That soon will change!

Mid to Late April we are planning on pushing ahead at a more steady pace, we have a few updates for EpicAdvice that we want to roll out, including a new navigation system, a better sidebar for the homepage (instead of a tag cloud that takes up 2 pages) and perhaps a few others. EpicPlan is still heavily under development and we are going to be performing a lot of "backend" style changes to the code to make it more streamlined and effective, as well as re-create the menu system for the "Map Picker" and re-organize the interface to make it easier to use. We have an entire project tracker for each website filled to the brim with ideas of what we want to do next.

So please bear with us as we finish off this month and the beginning of the next, then we will be a lot more active in the community once more. As always, your feedback is HUGE when it comes to helping is come up with improvements, so take a moment to let us know if you have any ideas.


EpicAdvice.com Team


EpicPlan.com Open Beta Starting!

Alright folks, we've been working so hard on this project since last October, even earlier if you consider "concept mockups". Don't know what EpicPlan.com is? Well let me fill you in a little bit...

Here at EpicAdvice.com we decided it was time to leap forward with a new style of planning technology. We identified a need for graphical planning within the WoW universe and created EpicPlan.com; a graphical planning tool for WoW Quests/Encounters.

We are working diligently on the "EpicPlan Editor" to make it as easy as possible. We wanted a tool that any WoW player could use to graphically express and show the steps involved in a Quest, Raid Boss or Encounter. Not only on our website, but YOUR website; embedding our plans into your blog/news/forum/whatever. No more YouTube videos which you have to watch and rewind to TRY to figure out what they are doing. A simple Icon Animation with a text description of each step in the process.

Keep in mind, this is NOT a finished product, we are in beta, everything you see if subject to change and probably will (with your feedback!). We have pretty big plans for the EpicPlan engine, which we hope to roll out and elaborate on in the near future.

EpicPlan.com is ready for its open beta period!

Everyone is more than welcome to register on EpicPlan.com, but you are going to need the "Beta Key" we are going to be providing and periodically changing on this blog.

For those of you wanting the TLDR version:

  1. Copy this Beta Key or just remember it: moredots
  2. Move on over to http://epicplan.com/beta/signup.
  3. Fill out your information and enter the "Beta Key" from EpicAdvice.com in the box.
  4. *Poof* your account is created and you are now logged in. We've also emailed you with some helpful links and your login information!

Easy enough eh? Well we hope you find the entire site that easy to use! If you have any questions or need help figuring out how to use the editor, here's a few way to get in contact with us or with other users of the site.

Help Sitehttp://help.epicplan.com
Change Password: http://epicplan.com/user/profile/self
Our IRC Channel: irc.freenode.net #epicadvice or http://epicadvice.com/chat

Please don't hesitate to let us know what you think!


Advertising, ProjectWonderful and World of Warcraft Bloggers!

Been a while since I've written a blog post, which I promise I am trying hard to find time to write more about the events surrounding EpicAdvice.com and our small network we are working to establish. Its been an incredibly busy time since the holidays and we are working very hard to improve upon our site, as well as bring a few new sites online in the coming months.

Anyways, onto...


As you may have noticed, we are now using ProjectWonderful for all of our advertising needs. This is an experiment we hope many of you will join in with us! First off, a bit about ProjectWonderful, which in my opinion, lives up to its name. ProjectWonderful is an advertising solution for blogs, forums and websites. It runs on an "Infinite Auction" (Click for their explanation) system that continues forever, keeping prices pretty low for people interested in advertising their product/website. As of this blog post, most of the ads on EpicAdvice.com are priced around $0.03/day. Cheap eh? $0.03/day for 30 days on EpicAdvice.com will yeild you about 50,000 banner impressions in a month, for the low-low price of $0.90/month! (Again, at the time of this writing)

Little more information....

From someone who wants to promote their website's online status/brand whatever, the way it works is you put a bid in for a banner that you'd be willing to pay for a specific ad-zone for the entire day... this isn't a CPM/CPC system where you pay for impressions or clicks, you actually pay what you feel its worth for the entire day of advertising on our site. You can set up the bid to automatically increase to a set amount if someone out bids you, or you can just read the email notifications that you've been outbid and manually adjust your bid if you feel its worth it! You also get statistics on how well your banner is performing (page views/unique visitors), how many people have clicked through to your website and what your click through rate is.

On the other end of the spectrum, for those looking to advertise/put banners on their website, It allows you to create your own zones on your website and create auctions for them as well, allowing others who may be interested in advertising on your site to easily put their banners up using the auction system. You get to pick the size, how many banners are in the area, and even a minimum bid to place a banner. You can view every bid placed on your website, choose who can and cannot advertise, as well as view all of your statistical information mentioned above.

Pretty cool huh? We are actually using it to advertise about EpicAdvice.com on a few other sites such as WanderingGoblin (blog) and NPC Comic (comics). Pretty much any website we see in ProjectWonderful that involves World of Warcraft or Gamers, we are trying to get in and do some advertising on, but there aren't many signed up yet. Might as well support the community right? Well that's what we are asking of any blogger or website owner that might be interested! If you run a site and are looking to make a little money, sign up for ProjectWonderful and drop us a line so we can look for you. We are more than happy to advertise on WoW blogs we find useful and interesting to support the community (as long as they don't break the bank).

EpicAdvice.com started out with $10 in our account (Easily transfered from PayPal) and have been running ads on a few websites for about 2 weeks now. Our current balance is sitting at $6.58, so realistically we've been paying ~$2/week to advertise across tons of websites, generating a decent amount of traffic. We've seen a few people click over from advertisements, register an account and ask questions! It's really that easy and really doesn't cost an incredible amount; the money you make from ads can be used directly to pay for ads on other sites or transferred back out to your PayPal account.

So if you run a website, jump on board with us, its free and might make you some money, maybe even some from us ;)

Note: This isn't a sponsored post or even a referal link, we don't make a dime off of you signing up or using ProjectWonderful, I just personally wrote this as I have been extremely happy with their product!

(Let us know what you think in the comments!)


Social Media Icons

Screen shot 2009-10-22 at 2.58.16 PMSmall but important new feature! If you use Facebook, StumbleUpon, Delicious, Google Bookmarks, Digg or Reddit, please share our content via the new buttons on the right hand side! We are working on many new methods to spread the word and all of your help is most definitely appreciated.

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EpicAdvice.com – Badge Widget

Here at EpicAdvice.com we are still coming up with the ways that we want to interact with our users and engage more users, in hopes of establishing EpicAdvice.com's Q&A system as a reputable source of information. We want the reputation you earn by asking and answering questions to mean something to you as well as to the community. We want bloggers and readers alike to contribute and team up with us to create a central repository of valid, helpful World of Warcraft information.

TLDR - In short, we want to promote your blog if you help promote our Q&A engine.

(Please note: We also are open to other ideas from YOU the bloggers. If you have a request, contact us at team@epicadvice.com and we will do everything in our power to accommodate your situation)

So our first major push to accomplish this is our new Badge Widget.

What is a badge widget?

The EpicAdvice.com Badge Widget is a small piece of javascript which will syndicate your choice of content, from EpicAdvice.com, into your blog or website. You can choose how many questions you want, based on what tags or based on your activity as a user, and customize the look at feel a little bit. All this widget does, is makes a request to our system for recent questions based on the tag or user ID you specified and return the number of questions you ask for. All aspects of the badge are customized through our simple interface. It's a very non-intrusive way to integrate new questions and activities from EpicAdvice.com into your website!

What are my different options for the widget?

There are quiet a few options now, with more on the way!

  • Logo: Checking or Unchecking this checkbox will determine whether our logo is displayed at the top of the widget or just a chunk of text stating what the widget is.
  • Content Choices - You can choose one of the following, using both currently is not available.
    • Tag: You can type a tag into this textbox, but only one (1) at the moment will work. So if you ran a druid blog and wanted to just display druid questions, simply type druid in the box. You could also put feral in the box for only feral druid questions. Be careful though, using holy will return Holy Priest and Holy Paladin questions. We are actively working on letting you pick more than one tag, so stay tuned.
    • User ID: If you want to make the widget follow what questions you are answering, commenting on or just involved in, all you need to do is type your User ID into this box. To find your username, simply click on your Username in the upper navigation bar, and you will be sent to your homepage. Your User ID is located in the URL bar on your web browser.
      • Example: For my user homepage, the link is: http://epicadvice.com/users/1/jesta (My User ID is #1).
      • Example: For gnarf's homepage, the link is: http://epicadvice.com/users/3/gnarf (Gnarf's User ID is #3).
    • User Show: This option is only used if you are going to specify your User ID. You have two choices:
      • Questions/Answers: This will show a list of questions and answers that you have posted.
      • Recent Comments/Edits/Responses: This is a little bit more involved and will show all of your edits, comments, responses as well as the questions and answers you provide. Probably a little too much information for most, but still useful.
    • # of Questions: This is simply the number of items you wish to display on your webpage. The default is 5, but you can configure it to show as many or few (even 0) as you would like. You can set the Questions to 0 and the Logo to enabled and it will just generate a small banner for EpicAdvice.com as well.

So how do I get a badge for my website?

Well, its extremely simple, we've setup an application that lets you pick what you want the badge to do for you, and it will generate the code you need to insert into your webpage. Simply visit http://profile.epicadvice.com/badge to generate one for your website! The code that the application generates on the right-hand side in the text box is all you need. You can change the options as much as you'd like to customize the feed for your website, then simply copy and paste the code from the box into your site, wherever you want to display it, and we will take care of the rest.

What am I going to get for putting this on MY blog/website?

Now we boil down to the good stuff, not only do you get to help syndicate our content, but we are integrating advertising for your blog onto our website. Our initial offering is going to be a 215x60 pixel banner on the right side, where the "ShareThis" and "Donate" buttons currently reside. We uploaded an example banner for EpicAdvice.com into that position currently so you can see for example what kind of space you have to work with. We also have dreamed up a few more goodies for people to participate in syndicating our content as well, we just are not ready to share them with everyone! So stay tuned for future updates on it.

We reserve the right to remove anyones banner at anytime and deny anyone access to our banner exchange, for any reason we deem valid.

How do I get a banner on your site for this?

Disclaimer - We will NOT post Banners or Advertising that link directly to any website that violates the Blizzard ToS for any of their games. No gold selling, no account selling/trading, no hack sites and no exceptions. You can still put our widget on your site if you want, but we will not return and put your banner up.

Right now we are doing it by hand, but this process may change in the future, we will keep you up to date. We are currently accepting 215x60 banners to put on the website. To submit your banner (after you've linked the widget on your website), send us the following information:

  1. An Email Address you would like us to contact you at.
  2. Your Website Name / Blog Name.
  3. URL that you'd like the banner to go to.
  4. URL of where you have your widget (if different).
  5. Attach the actual image itself to the email.
  6. Feel free to make an suggestions or what you'd like to see out of this in the future!

Put all of that in an email and send it off to team@epicadvice.com. That's it, we will get your image, and process them in the order we receive them. We promise we will get them all up.

So, I can just put this anywhere and you will put my banner up?

Well, not exactly. If you are trying to put a banner on a obscure page that no one will ever see, well we may weight your banner lower than someone who maybe, puts it on the front page. Hell, we may just delete it out of our rotation. We are trying to trade traffic with you, exposing our audience to you, and your audience to us. We are actively monitoring all of our web statistics and we reserve the right to remove your banner if you try to pull something shady.

What are the future plans for this?

Our future plans for this widget include displaying your Username on EpicAdvice.com, your Gravatar (or custom image), as well as your reputation. We also may do historical information, statistics, etc etc. There also could be more down the line, with whatever we may come up with next.

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